Wednesday, August 3, 2011

18 months!

Dear Drake,

Your daddy and I simply cannot believe you have already been here on this earth for 18 months! Where has the time gone? You are getting so big and learning new things every day. We are so blessed to have you here and call you our son.

In the past three months, you:
  • got SIX new teeth! In just a four week period, you got all four of your one-year molars as well as two more bottom incisors. It seems that this is how you will teethe - a bunch at one time and then nothing. Thankfully, you do pretty well. This makes for a total of 12 teeth!
  • moved your bedtime to 7:30pm and dropped your morning nap (16 months).You now nap from 12-3pm.
  • learned a few body parts! The first one was your belly button! When we ask you where your belly button is, you lift up your shirt and point to it. Now, you can point to your toes and nose as well as your little boy part. Of course daddy doesn't use the proper term, but your momma does. :-)
  • learned lots of words! You have about 25 words right now including momma, dadda, woah, wow, uh oh, go, dog, shoo (shoes), no, mo (more), sigh (outside), nack (snack), cacker (cracker), car, blue, cocoa (you spilled it on the floor and repeated daddy), door, ball, duck, bubble, baby (there is a new baby at daycare), truck, nigh nigh, papa, gamma (grandma), peass (please), and buh bye. You can sign for more and wave bye bye, too!
  • discovered dips! We gave you ketchup once and now you love to dip your food in ketchup or barbeque sauce.
  • still love to play in water or outside, but you like doing puzzles, building with your mega blocks, and reading books, too! 

  • learned how to open the doors! We have the lever handles, and you are just tall enough to reach the handle and open the door. You are also tall enough to reach the buttons on the washing machine and dishwasher.And, you've burst in the restroom on momma already, too. You have also figured out how to flush the toilet. This makes me a little nervous because I am afraid you'll start putting things in there that don't belong.;-)
Miss Alicia started putting you on the potty chair and you have gone a couple times! We don't think you're ready to completely potty train, but we'll start working with you. 

You wear mostly size 18 month clothes although your swim trunks and lots of shorts that are size 12 months still fit.

You wear size 4 diapers and size 5 shoe.

You are getting so independent and just a blast to be around



Jason said...

Thanks Momma. I love you too!


P.S. It is called a "Dingy" and I learned how to high-five as well!

Erin said...

Drake you are getting to be such a big, smart boy :) Happy 18 months!

cady said...

Lucy says "nack", too. In fact, if anyone says "snack" (ahem, Winnie the Pooh in your new movie), Lucy refers to the Scooby kind and FLIPS OUT if there aren't any!