Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Great Grocery Challenge


Walgreens: OOP $12.26, Saved $44.56!

Meijer: OOP $32.73, Saved $24.05!
Not a bad trip since I picked up a few things that weren't on sale (sugar, cinnamon, batteries).

CVS: OOP $0.39, Saved $5.03!
I was really hoping to get the great deal on the Huggies Slip-On diapers this week, but out of my four stores...none of them had them by Tuesday! This is when I wished shopping worked for me on Sundays. Instead, I just went in for their free items (which you can see really aren't free when you have to pay sales tax...still a good deal).

Sam's Club: OOP $2.99, Saved $0!
I needed to stop somewhere for milk and I thought they would be the same price or cheaper on milk than running into Meijer. Boy was I wrong! Meijer had milk on sale for $2.50 this week. oops!

Weekly Totals: OOP $48.37, Saved $73.64 (60% savings)

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