Friday, August 5, 2011

18 Month Dr. Appointment

Today was Drake's 18 month doctor appointment. I don't remember if I mentioned this a while back, but our insurance coverage was up in the air for a while a couple months ago. The contract got extended until the end of September, and I'm so glad it did! This meant that Drake got to see Dr. Rosa again today. We just love her. You can see that she genuinely likes kids and wants to take care of them.
 Weight - 22lbs 14oz (13th percentile)- gained 1 pound
Length - 31.25inches (22nd percentile) - grew 1 inch
 Playing cars with dad while waiting.
 Coloring on the paper.
And, someone found a calculator! :-)

It's getting harder and harder to get pictures of him at the appointments. I'm thinking his 2 year appointment will be it. Dr. Rosa was very pleased with where Drake is at developmentally. Again, the biggest concern is safety. You might be able to see that nice scratch below his left eye. I guess he fell against the sandbox at daycare this week. Perfect timing for his 18-month pictures tomorrow, huh? And, yes, he probably should have had a haircut before them, but I was nervous that the barber would cut it too short. Needless to say, these could be some interesting pictures tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

yay, i'm glad it went well, louise's 18 month appt is coming up in a couple weeks :)

Tonya said...

I think his hair looks fine :)

twondra said...

I think he's adorable. :) Hope the pictures went well!!

Twinside Out said...

18 months already! I can't believe it. He is getting so big, and he just gets cuter and cuter.

Hope the pictures turned out ok!