Tuesday, May 3, 2011

15 Months!

Dear Drake,

You turned 15 months old while you were spending the week with Grandma Williams. She watched you since daddy and I went on a vacation. This is only the second time we've left you overnight (the first was on our anniversary last year) and it was for SIX nights! Grandma said you were great, but she was exhausted. lol!

There have been lots of changes over the past few months. Now you:
  • bring books to us so we will read to you although you don't have much of an attention span for them
  • go down the stairs all by yourself (on your belly, backwards)
  • climb onto your Cubs rocking chair!
  • like to play peek-a-boo
  • LOVE being outside
  • do not like your swing
  • like to "color"
  • follow simple directions - go upstairs, go to your chair, bring us your shoes, sit on your bottom
  • point at things you want
  • can give "High 5's"...well, kind of, if momma puts her hand out you put yours to it!
  • are a picky eater (We have to hide fruit from you until you are completely done with your meal.)
  • drink whole milk
  • drink from a straw!
  • successfully get food into your mouth with a spoon!
  • say momma, dadda, woah, wow, go, uh oh, dog and lots of other babbles
  • still have 6 teeth (4 on top, 2 on bottom)
  • are not super interested in brushing your teeth, but we're trying
  • had a second haircut (March 8th)
  • take two naps a day (45 minutes and 2 hours) and still sleep 11-12 hours each night
  • wear size 5 shoes, walk easily and sometimes run!
  • wear size 12 months clothes (some 9 month pants still fit!)
  • wear size 3 diaper (although we are switching to size 4 when these run out)
We are so blessed to be your parents and love watching you grow and learn new things every day! We love you!



Serendipity said...

isn't this the cutest age, I just love how interactive they are. Happy 15 months :)

Jamie said...

This age is so much fun. I think it only gets better from here!! :)

Drake seems like such a sweetie!