Saturday, May 28, 2011

Graduation Celebration!

My dad is the oldest of seven kids which means I have about 20 cousins on that side of the family alone. This year, my youngest cousin, Taylor, graduated from high school and we were able to celebrate with him. The weather turned out really nice - it didn't rain and it wasn't too hot.
 Taylor with his parents (Duane & Donna)
 Drake and Uncle Chad

 Drake played outside for over 4 hours! This little boy was worn out!
 Drake with my Aunt Doris

Drake was stealing food from my cousin, Casey, and my aunt, but, of course, he didn't want to eat the plate I made for him. :-)

Congratulations, Taylor!!


Ashley said...

Drake is getting so big and cuter by the minute!!

Erin said...

Drake looks like a littler toddler man . . they grow too fast! Great family shot too :)

Serendipity said...

how cute is Drake with that lawnmower. They're so awesome at this age, aren't they :)

Twinside Out said...

The lawnmower pic is so adorable. Such a little cutie!!