Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Great Grocery Challenge - Week 28

Target: OOP $24.32, saved $16.73!

Not my best Target trip, but I decided to pick up some diapers since Drake could really stay in size 3 a little longer and I only have size 4 at home. Amazon didn't have any of their awesome coupons out this month either. 
CVS: OOP $.22, saved $33.05!
Walgreens: OOP $5.22, saved $20.78!

Okay...anyone try that Luster toothpaste? We didn't care for it at our house so these tubes are in the donation pile. :-)
Meijer: OOP $17.69, saved $51.85!

Wal-mart: OOP $2.50 - Jason had to pick up some milk for Drake.

Weekly Totals: OOP $49.95, saved $122.41! (71% savings!)

If you are interested in a challenge to make donations to a local charity, check out my friend, Jessica's blog. It's been really neat to start tracking how much I am donating and to make a conscious effort to donate more!

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