Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Great Grocery Challenge - Week 31

 Walgreens: OOP $9.67, saved $34.73!
Target: OOP $14.31, saved $54.78!
Not a bad trip to Target except that we needed Lawn & Leaf bags with no coupon or sale. :-( And, I actually had a lady that said I was "tying to be like those extreme couponers." lol! I did let her know that I don't shop quite like that. ;-)
CVS: OOP $1.89, saved $22.87!
I had a big surprise at CVS today. I signed up for their Beauty Club when it started, not really sure why since I don't buy any make up from there. Apparently, lotions and body washes must count (I'm not sure what else.) because I received a $5 ECB from it today! They said I reached $50 in purchases...who knew? It's so much fun to get little surprises like this. 

Meijer: OOP $30.46, saved $55.34!
I must mention how awesome Meijer is! The blog I follow for their matchups ( had the same problem I did last week and suggested that we email the company. So, I did. And, I got 3 (not 1 or 2, but THREE) emails back from them. How amazing is that? I was very nice and explained that I love shopping at their store and let them know of the problem I encountered. You know what they did? ... They offered me a $5 gift card! I thought that was amazing. 

Weekly Total: OOP $56.33, saved $167.72!
( 75% savings)

 I was a little over my budget this week, but still not too bad...Jason wanted some beverages. :-)

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