Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I have been so bad at blogging lately - except when I have my belly pics to post, of course! So, here's a baby update (in bullets):
  • Our childbirth education class was last weekend. I didn't really have any concerns, but I thought it was great to just go through the class, learn some breathing and get a tour of the hospital. It was very informative, and I'm sure it will be helpful when baby P decides to make his presence.
  • The crib finally arrived today! I am feeling much more prepared now that we have a place for him to sleep. The dresser is on the truck...somewhere...hopefully it will be here in a couple weeks so I can get more organized. (Pictures of the nursery to come once it's finished.)
  • There are still a lot of clothes, towels, sheets, etc. to wash, but I keep putting it off until I have somewhere to store them permanently.
  • We have just about everything we need/want for his arrival (I think!)....just a few things to pick up as it gets closer. I'm so glad most of our showers were done early so that I don't feel stressed about not having things or if I'll make it to the shower. There are still a couple smaller events coming up in January -- my work shower and my group of girlfriends from the neighborhood. They should be very stress free and fun!
  • The name has still been a struggle! A few weeks ago, Jason and I each came up with our top 10 names. NONE of them matched, but we were able to narrow it down to our top five out of the twenty names. I think we are finally down to two names, but neither of us are sold on the other's favorite. How did you pick your child's name?? Jason is really attentive to what the initials might spell, and I don't want anything too popular (but nothing crazy either).
  • I'm still feeling really good, although I am slowing down a bit. No signs of labor (yeah!), baby is moving like crazy (usually get 10 movements within 30 minutes) and no swelling! We're definitely on the countdown! My next appointment is on the 4th and then I think I go to weekly appointments. We are looking at less than 7 weeks (give or take) until baby P is here. I can't wait to see what he looks like and hold him in my arms!!
I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas!!


Caroline said...

I have been thinking of you! I am glad to hear that everything is going well for you. Wow - only 7 weeks to go until your due date!

I agree that choosing names is so hard. We still haven't decided either and our list seems to get bigger not smaller.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.


Kelly...Aunt to be!! said...

Chad was all about what the initials would spell too! Must be a guy thing! LOL

Can't waint to see the nursery photos!!!

Tonya said...

My hubby was worried about initials too but in the end he let me choose the name because I had carried the baby and seeing me in labor he decided I should name them :) Yeah for me! Our kids initials are BLA, BCA, TSA, and IRA. The first and last are girls so their initials will eventually change but I think theirs are the funniest!

twondra said...

Glad you're doing okay! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!