Monday, December 7, 2009

The First Reveal!

On October 10th, after two and a half weeks of keeping the gender a complete secret (the one thing that only Jason and I knew during this pregnancy), we decided to tell our immediate family. Since my family was all together in Wisconsin, we thought this was the perfect opportunity. I bought 5" x 7" frames for each family, put an ultrasound picture and "It's a Boy!!" on scrapbook paper and then wrapped them. Everyone opened their pictures at the same time. Here's how the big reveal went:
my parents

my brother & sister-in-law

my sister and brother-in-law

After we got back into town from visiting my family, we did the same thing with Jason's dad and sister.
Jason's dad

Jason's sister

I know my mom originally thought the baby was a girl, but I think she changed her mind somewhere along the way. Jason's sister definitely thought it was a girl until she opened the picture! :-)

Of course, everyone is just excited that the baby is growing and healthy!


twondra said...

Such a cute way to tell everyone! I love it!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way of telling!!!!!
I am so glad you have had so much fun during your pregnancy!!!

Love, Aunt Leta

Caroline said...

How exciting that you are having a baby boy! I love the way you told your family - what a special surprise.

Anonymous said...

you are so cute!