Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend fun!

I headed to Rockford on Friday to hang out with Janell for a while - we went to see Dirty Dancing in Chicago! The show was good and the dancing was impressive, and I was surprised to see how many lines I remembered. Guess that helps when you watched the movie probably 100 times over the summer when it came out! Seeing the play makes me want to find the movie and watch it. I probably have it on VHS still...

The plan was to head to Freeport on Saturday morning, but thanks to Mother Nature and the snow I stayed in Rockford. We had a nice time talking and hanging out until I left around 2:30pm to head home. Hudson waiting for the rest of his lunch!

I made it home safely and the roads weren't bad at all! We spent almost all day Sunday at church - we worked (nursery for me and security for Jason) first hour, attended 2nd hour, and then went back for the AWESOME Christmas Pops concert last night. We are definitely blessed with some great musicians and vocalists!


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Tonya said...

Glad you had a fun weekend!