Thursday, December 4, 2008

IUI #3 done

Jason and I drove to Urbana yesterday for the first of two IUI's this month...everything went just as planned. Maliah actually said I had good cervical mucus, too. Jason's count was 65 million with 47% motility. It was a little painful compared to past times, but hopefully that was a good sign. I rested pretty much the rest of the day hoping they were doing their job!

We headed back to Urbana this morning...Laura was performing the IUI this time, but she has some difficulty finding my cervix. I guess it moves?? Had no clue. Theresa had to come help her, but they got it done, and there was hardly no pain. Jason's count was at 27 million (typically lower on the 2nd day) and motility was 70%. Looks good.

I'm to start progesterone on Sunday, have blood drawn and do 1/2 of Ovidrel on Tuesday.

Now we wait...pregnancy test on 12/19


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