Thursday, November 6, 2008

Projects Complete!

Okay, so they were very minor projects, but they still had to get done. You may remember that back in the middle of September we came home to find that the bathroom mirror had fallen off the wall and shatter. I FINALLY found a mirror that I somewhat like and would fit where we needed it! It was ordered from Target on Sunday and arrived today.

The second project was an Uppercase Living item I purchased a couple months ago. I finally decided where I would put it and got it on the wall tonight! This was a tough decision because I wanted to put it on a wall that I wouldn't want to paint anytime soon. I love the colors in my dining room so I figured this was the best place. I was also a little worried because we have textured walls, but it worked out just fine!


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Tonya said...

I love the sense of accomplishment when projects get done big or small!