Friday, November 28, 2008

CD 6

Yes, you read that is day 6 of my cycle! I know some of you have been wondering what was going on so I thought I would go ahead and put the info out there. I'm not sure why I didn't early this week, I just think I didn't want to talk/think/wonder/worry/etc about it. But, I know that I need/want your support, kind words, and prayers...thank you for being there!

I finished the last of my Fem*ara today and will start the Bra*velle injections tomorrow night. Ultrasound and bloodwork on Tuesday with IUIs later next week.

Please be praying for us! The plan is to find out if this IUI round worked just before Christmas...hopefully we'll have good news to share!


Carter Jonathan said...

Good luck this week! Will be praying for you!!!

BTW...loved the comment on our blog about the socks! I can't believe you remembered that!!! HAHA! We looked everywhere for black socks! :)

Tonya said...

You know honestly I was wondering what was going on with you! Thanks for sharing so I can be praying. Also glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Jill said...

You guys are in our thoughts and prayers!

Alex and Jill said...

Always praying... :)