Monday, September 8, 2008

Wisconsin Road Trip!

Wow, was it a busy weekend! It's not like our house isn't used to that and it always seems that I try to cram so much into one event. But, it does make sense! If I'm going to drive 3.5 hours to Wisconsin, then I might as well get to see everyone, right? I left on Friday afternoon to head up North to my brother's house to watch my niece cheer at a high school football game. Granted, she's 13, but she has participated in a cheer camp for quite a few summers now and they always cheer at the first home game. This year was the first time I was able to make it. It was pretty exciting not just because I was getting to relive the memories of my high school days when I spent every Friday night cheering at a sporting event, but because I got to see my niece doing something I loved, too! She did a great job if I do say so myself! We ended up staying up pretty late (1am) just talking which was nice since we don't get together all that often, but then I was up at 7am! (Darn internal clock!)

Nicole is in front of the girl on the left with the #12 on.

After some breakfast on Saturday morning, I headed East to Carter's 1st Birthday Party! Carter got lots of great gifts, and had some fun time outside with the beautiful weather. It was really nice to see people I hadn't seen in a while (some since Jonathan & Jackie's wedding four years ago).

Isn't this cake AWESOME?! Great job, Jackie!
I left the Flack house in the late afternoon to meet my friend Janell and her husband for dinner in Rockford and then the last two hours of the trip home...getting home around 10pm!

On Sunday, Jason and some friends headed up to Joliet for the Indy & ARCA races while I was off to church. It was my day for nursery duty...the kids were great, and I might have a new friend joining our small group on Thursday mornings! After church, I met Heather for lunch and shopping. We also managed to stop by Kali's second soccer game.

Caden walking to the car...he is getting so brave!

Jason got home just in time for Big Brother and the Bears game. And, I must brag a little here...WAY TO GO CHICAGO!! It was so exciting to see the Bears pull off a win! Hopefully our Cubbies will be doing the same this week!!


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Bush Family said...

Looks like you had fun, and now it is time for you to rest! :-) Mel