Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Project

As promised, here's a picture of our project we completed yesterday!Thanks to my friend, Jean Ann, Caden got a new toy! JA's son, Robbie, has grown out of the stage where he wants a play set in the backyard, and she was giving it away! Caden is going to have so much fun on this over the next few years.


I tried to get a nice picture of Caden, but every time I took it he quit smiling! Here's a little video I got of him while the guys were finishing putting up the set. You can see he's not quite yet walking by himself, but he is pretty close. He'll take a step or two if you really coax him, but otherwise, this is what you get. (Hopefully the video works...it's my first attempt at posting one! And, sorry for the blurry spots...I'm not sure what was going on there.)


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