Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rainy weekend!

This weekend turned out pretty nice even though it rained most of the weekend. We hung out at home on Friday night, and I scrapbooked with a neighbor on Saturday. Today, we went to church and then to a surprise 40th wedding annivesary party for Jason's aunt and uncle. Otto & Sandy
With their grandchildren - Breanna, McKenna, Carly, & Joe

The party was at Jason's cousin's house. We haven't seen his mom's side of the family for a couple years now - they just don't get together all that often since he grandma went into the nursing home (we used to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas at her house). At the party we also found out that Jason's other aunt and uncle, Judy & George, just celebrated their 45th wedding annivesary last month! How awesome is that? I can only pray that we will see those years, too!! Karen and Caden came to the party, too! Caden just got new shoes so he is learning to walk in them as he is still a little shaky without them. He did really well today. Unfortunately, my camera battery died when he was actually taking a couple steps without holding anything, but I thought this picture was cute...holding the table and stretching just to get the water bottle!
After the party we came home to quite a, there wasn't water in our basement...somehow the mirror in our half bath downstairs completely fell off the wall and busted into a million pieces! How this happened we will never know, but I guess we'll be shopping for a new mirror next weekend.

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