Thursday, December 27, 2007

Williams Family Christmases!

We headed to Freeport on Saturday to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family. The plan was to go to dinner with my college friend, Janell, and her husband, but Janell wasn't feeling well so we went straight to Freeport. My dad's side of the family came to my parent's house on Sunday for our usual Christmas celebration (we used to always celebrate on Christmas Eve, but it has just gotten too hard since just under half of the cousins are now married)...I have about 25 cousins and there are now 10 second cousins! We also found out that my cousin, Carrie, had her little girl...Rori Grace...on Saturday morning!! Congratulations, Carrie & Nate!! It would be crazy if we all exchanged gifts so we just leave that for anyone still in high school or younger. We were missing about 15 people.  Casey with her neice, Ella, & nephew, Hudsyn.

Staci with her son, Brock. Ella is helping Brock open his gift!

Aunt Carol, Staci (cousin), Kristin (cousin), & Kelly (sister-in-law)

Where the guys spent most of the day -- in the basement watching football!

Kristin, Kelly, Michelle, and Aunt Laurie

After celebrating with the big crowd, we opened gifts with the immediate family. This was the second year we have drawn names between the siblings and my parents. It works out really nice because we spend a little more than we did before and it's way less headache! Besides, it's not really about the presents, anyway, right? Of course, eveyone buys from Nicole and Mitchell and they usually end up with tons of stuff. This year, Nicole got a couple games, a portable dvd player, and other odds & ends; Mitchell got a skateboard, soccer goal, and other things.
arrod's brother, BJ, was in town from California visiting. He even got a stocking!

Jason got his "fun" slippers!

Mitchell with his soccer goal!

Kelly gets a new blender!

Nicole with her DVD player (sorry for the crappy quality photo!)
itchell reading Grandma his book that was made by his class!

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