Sunday, December 9, 2007

Well! There just hasn't been too much going on the past week in terms of blogging...just been working and getting some routine stuff done at home. I got home late from work on Friday so Jason and I headed out to dinner -- we tried to go a new restaurant here called Destihl. It's a microbrewery with a different menu, I've heard. Well, there was a 2-hour wait for two people!! We ended up eating at Logan's Roadhouse and got in in 10 minutes! We just worked around the house on Saturday and then I went to a Christmas play called Freedom's Gift with Karen and Kali. Jason and I made it to church today, but it was a pretty slim crowd with the weather (ice/slush) the way it was. Today is my sister's fiance's birthday so, I'll leave with this...
Happy Birthday, Jarrod!!!
Sorry your Raiders couldn't at least win for you on your birthday!

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