Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nursery Furniture

We are getting things checked off the list here at chez Patterson! Today, we ordered baby boy #2's nursery furniture. This time we bought it from a different store hoping we aren't going to run into the same problems as we did with Drake's furniture. We narrowed the selection down to three brands - Pali, Bonavita, and Baby's Dream - and after looking at all of them, we went with this one by Pali:

We're actually getting it in Mocacchino (another dark wood), but this one shows the dresser, too. We ordered the crib, 5-drawer dresser, nightstand, and conversion kit. In case you are wondering, the reason we are purchasing another full set of furniture is that I really want each child to have their own stuff, and I (seriously) plan for them to take this off to college with them! No, we're not spending a fortune on it, but it has a nice little price tag so I expect it to last.

As for the decor of the room, I'll be deciding on that after we get through Drake's birthday party (gasp!) next weekend.


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Looks nice! We had decided to use the same crib and are now thankful since Trevor has decided to climb out of it constantly.

I cant wait to see what theme you choose!

katery said...

looks really cute amber!! so exciting!

twondra said...

I think I would be the same way wanting my children to have their own. :) I love it!!