Monday, January 23, 2012

22 weeks!

In case you missed it, we had our ultrasound two weeks ago as well as a gender reveal party to let our friends and family know that we are expecting another baby BOY! Since finding out we're having a boy, I've been doing lots of searching for just the right name, ideas for room decor, and furniture.

As far as names are concerned, we're looking for a 5-letter name that's not super common or super unique. ;-) We have a list going but haven't really talked about it too much.

I'm considering robot decor after one of our friends mentioned it. I found quite a few ideas on Pinterest so we'll see.

We went to a baby store about an hour away after the ultrasound to check out furniture, and I think we have it narrowed down. Now, we just need to make a decision and get it ordered.

I had an OB appointment last week and baby boy's heartbeat was in the 140s. I've been feeling more and more movement - still not consistent, but definitely a lot more which I love! The weight gain at this appointment was quite a bit more than I was hoping for, but I'm giving myself a break since Thanksgiving and Christmas were in there. Either way, it's less than I gained with Drake at this point so that's good.

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