Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Sprinkler

Jason was watering the lawn, and Drake thought it was the perfect time to try out the sprinkler. As you can see, he LOVED it!!


Anonymous said...

oooo, we haven't tried the sprinkler yet!!

Lynettr said...

A good day for the sprinkler!
Grandma Lynette

Jamie said...

Love this! We just tried our sprinkler for the first time over the weekend too and the kids loved it. So fun!

Drake is definitely ready for a trip to the splash pad!! :)

Dana said...

oh how fun!!!! And I love Drake's outfit! TOO cute!! Where did u find it?? I am so ready for some cooler evenings so we can get out and play some.

What IF? said...

Awww, these pics are adorable. Love them! Summer is such fun.