Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Great Grocery Challenge


CVS: OOP $12.55, Saved $59.98!

This was actually done in two trips since I didn't have the softsoap coupons on my first trip. My oop was a little (ok, a lot) more than usual at CVS, but it was still a pretty good week there. And, I'm sad to say that my gift card I purchased a couple months ago is gone. :-(

 Walgreens: OOP $2.19, Saved $17.38!

Kroger: OOP $2.70, Saved $1.31!
Meijer: OOP $43.71, Saved $26.95!

Definitely not my best week at Meijer. I bought quite a few things without coupons since I want to try a few new recipes next week (from Pinterest!)

Weekly Totals: OOP $61.15, Saved $105.62! (63% savings)

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