Monday, June 6, 2011

Pool Party...take 2!

We attempted a pool party Memorial Day weekend only to find out that the motor for our pool cover wasn't working. It has since started working again, but we now have a back up motor just in case. :-) Anyway, we invited friends over on Saturday to swim. The day started off hot and steamy - perfect for the pool!
It was nice to able to let Drake float and play in the ring this year. He could barely sit in this last year.
Aren't these the most adorable footprints you've seen?
Drake with daddy in the pool.
Our buddy, Harken, enjoying a little time outside.
Beckett had lots of fun in the pool!
The guys - Brandon, Jason, and Matt
And, the ladies - Mande, Kate, me

It sprinkled off and on and then got pretty cloudy and cool. I'm looking forward to many more days in the pool this summer.


katery said...

i can't wait to get louise is my parents pool this year! should be ready this weekend. my dad actually puts some HOT water in it because they don't have a heater and that way it knocks 2 weeks off how long you have to wait to use it, can you believe that??? he's so crazy!!

Twinside Out said...

I am so excited that it is finally pool season! My favorite time of year. :)

Those little footprints are so adorable!