Friday, June 10, 2011

Coupons and Stockpiling

Last night, I met with some ladies in my neighborhood and a few of their friends to talk about couponing. It felt great to help others realize how much they could save, and I think they were pretty impressed, too.

Since they found it helpful, I figured I would share a few tips here for those that are interested.

1. If you are already shopping at a store where you use a "savers" card, you can load coupons to it! Visit, register your card and begin selecting coupons.
  • If you shop at Target, visit for coupons to print. 
  • If you shop at CVS, make sure you have their card as well as the green bag tag and scan both on every visit!
  • If you shop at Meijer, visit for coupons and sign up and load coupons at
  • Stores that have their own coupons typically allow you to use a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon on the same item!

2. Take advantage of websites that already provide sale matchups with coupons.
If you are interested in couponing, focus on one store to begin with (the store you shop at most often). Learn all you can and get some great deals!

I have a nice small stockpile...NOTHING like those on Extreme Couponing, but one of my favorite parts of couponing is that I have so much more to donate to those who need it! And, it's not costing me any more. It's actually costing me less than I used to spend on groceries alone.

If you're reading this and have a question you want to ask, leave me a comment. I'll answer all of your questions in a post later this month.


Ashley said...

I'm really interested in this but live in a small town with only walmart and Winn Dixie....any advice??

Bill & Amy said...

try they include WinnDixie and Walmart, Publix in their coupon match-ups.

Ashley said...

Thank you!!!