Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Weekend

Last week was absolutely insane for me at work. I had three groups in at the same time as well as a two-day meeting before they all arrived. Now, I am looking forward to having this week off (well, except for this morning when I have to run in for about an hour). Anyway, after my last group left on Saturday, we met a friend and his two kiddos at the zoo in the morning and Jason and I were able to have a date on Saturday night! A big thanks to Jason's niece, Kali, for watching Drake after spending her entire week at CIY. Our date night consisted of going to dinner, Lowe's and getting ice cream. Pretty exciting, I know. Why did we go to Lowe's, you ask?

About five years ago, we painted our kitchen a bright yellow. Ever since painting it, I haven't been able to figure out what to do in our living room (the walls touch). After having my free sample (;-)) of Valspar paint here for over a month, I finally slapped some on the wall in our kitchen to see how it would look. I loved it! It matched our countertop really well and made the white baseboards and trim "pop" so we were on a paint run to Lowe's during our date!

So, this is what we spent pretty much all day Sunday doing:
 Kitchen - BEFORE
 Kitchen - AFTER
 Hallway - BEFORE
 Hallway - AFTER
 Living Room - BEFORE
 Living Room - AFTER

I considered doing our entryway this same color, but I think it would be a little too dark. Right now, those walls are the lighter color that was on the living room walls. I think we'll keep it this color, but we definitely need to re-paint. It hasn't been touched since the builder painted in 2004.


Kahla said...

Looks great, I'm so impressed ya'll did all of that in one day! On that note, your house is sooo clean! Mine never looks like that!! Toys everywhere, how do you do it???

Anonymous said...

we painted our kitchen pale yellow and our bedroom and living room are similar to your new kitchen color!

Anonymous said...

it looks great by the way! i can't believe you guys did all that by yourselves! when the painting happened here it was about a week after i had louise, so i didn't participate.

twondra said...

It looks great and very clean! Wow. I'm very impressed!

And is that Bones I see on the TV? That's Mark's favorite show. :)

J said...

maybe i missed it, but what is the name and number of the color? i love it and think it would look great in our house as well!