Monday, December 13, 2010

The Great Grocery Challenge - Week 8

I am having a hard time with my receipts these days! I've been getting some great deals on games and other random things that are on these receipts, and it's just too much to try and separate them out. So, while everything here isn't really for groceries, it shows me how I'm spending and saving.
Target - spent $9.03, saved $65.19!CVS - spent $3.51, saved $42.66!Walgreens - spent $4.09, saved $31.33!
(2nd trip for my wrapping/tissue paper deal!)

Meijer - spent $89.43, saved $65.49 :-(

Totals: spent $106.06, saved $204.67!

Here are some great freebies/money makers this week:
2 Full-size Pictureka games at Meijer - FREE
2 Pictureka card games at Meijer - FREE
2 Travel-size Hungry Hippo Games at Target - FREE
8 20-count white tissue paper & 4 rolls wrapping paper at Walgreens - money maker!

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McFarland Family said...

Hi Amber,
My name is Lesley McFarland and I occasionally hop over from Melissa's seems like everytime I do you have your gracery challenge up. So my question is HOW ON EARTH DO YOU SAVE SO MUCH MONEY grocery shopping? I really do feel this is where I waste a lot of our money!