Thursday, December 30, 2010

Children's Discovery Museum

Two of my college girlfriends, their kids, Drake and I went to the Children's Discovery Museum yesterday. I knew a lot of things wouldn't be geared toward his age, but he still had a fun time.

Hudson, Drake & Addison

The life-size chess board.
Driving a tractor.
Hudson selling tickets.
Practicing walking.

We just had a short time to hang out there, but we'll definitely be back.


Anonymous said...

We had a great day ladies. Thanks for the fun times. Also I wanted to say thanks to Jason too. I appreciate all the help you gave throughout the day. Amber you are very lucky to have found such a great guy!! Oh and introduced us too ahhaha.

Serendipity said...

oh they're too cute, they look like they could be related, and Drake practicing walking is just adorable :)

Jamie said...

adorable! Looks like Drake had fun, even though most of the stuff is for bigger kids. We should meet up there sometime! I'd love to actually meet you!