Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Great Grocery Challenge - Week 10

Walgreen's - spent $3.55, saved $24.75 (87% savings!)
CVS - spent $2.30, saved $27.99 (92% savings!)
Target - spent $14.56, saved $23.69
Meijer - spent $82.11, saved $27.29

Totals: spent $102.52, saved $103.72

A couple notes:
  1. I messed up on the GE Reveal light bulbs at Target. I printed my Target coupons, but I forgot that the registers were printing out a Manufacturer coupon when you bought them! So, only purchase one package of light bulbs at a time - after your first purchase you'll be able to use the Target Q ($1.50/1) and the Manufacturer Q ($2/1) so you can get light bulbs really cheap!
  2. My Meijer trip was really disappointing, but I knew it would be. I'm taking a fruit salad to two different Christmas gatherings so I had to get the items for that and fruit is EXPENSIVE! I spent $26 on fruit, $18 on dog food, and $12 on a gift.

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