Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Great Grocery Challenge - Week 7

This week turned out pretty good - probably a good thing after last week!

Target: spent $1.46, saved $3.60 (gift card, though)
CVS: spent $9.35, saved $38.34
Meijer: spent $11.12, saved $29.22
Walgreens: spent $8.07, saved $39.70

Sam's Club: spent $20.16 (formula...just 2 more months!) spent $4.05 (from the Groupon I bought a while back, paid $10 then and got $24.05 worth of products)

Totals: spent $52.75, saved $112.32

Savings of 69%

I've still got quite a stockpile, but I am noticing some things we are running out of that I'm not finding great deals for. To really save, you have to be willing to try other brands on some things and there are just some things I'm not willing to switch ketchup. Personally, I like Heinz. Have you ever seen a coupon for Heinz? I don't think I have. And, now that Drake is almost exclusively on table food, I've got to pick up more fruits which, let's face it, aren't cheap. This could make things interesting but hopefully I'll be able to stick to my goal (or at least come close).

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