Thursday, April 8, 2010

2 Month Dr. Appointment

Drake had his two month well baby visit today. We were pretty excited to see how much he has grown, but we were not looking forward to his vaccines.
Our pediatrician said he looks great and was very pleased with how he is growing.

Weight - 10lbs 9.5ounces (21st percentile)
Length - 22.5 inches (27th percentile)

He had one oral vaccine and three shots. The nurse did a great job - She went very quickly and gave him a few cute bandaids. :-)
I fed him right after his appointment, and he settled down almost immediately. He slept for three hours, woke to eat, and then slept for another two hours this afternoon/early evening. I felt so bad for him because each time he woke up or moved around he started screaming like he was in pain. We gave him some infant Tylenol before his bath and bottle tonight so hopefully he'll sleep pretty good and feel a lot better tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Amber, Drake is such a cutie! Mom's like us who have to visit Dr. J have a special treat - we know exactly how much we want our babies and exactly how precious they are. They are a gift from God! Enjoy yours!! So happy for you!

Ashley said...

Awwwh Drake!! The percentiles must be a lot different for girls and boys. Kins was 22 1/2 and she was 50% and 10lbs 10 oz and was 50%. Sounds like they are almost exact just different gengders. How is the sleep thing going...she teases me with only waking up 1 time for a couple nights and then back to 2 times. UGGHH!!

Tori & Justin said...

He is such a cutie! Boy baby didn't look happy after those shots. I really want to come over and spend some time with him before you go back to work. I am off on Friday's now. Anytime you need a few hours to do some stuff let me know and I would be glad to babysit!!!

Tonya said...

They are doing oral vaccines? It's been a while since I took my kids in for any kind of check up! They have been so healthy and it is great :)

Anonymous said...

louise basically slept for 12 hours after her vaccines, she woke up a few times for feedings an diaper changes but that's it, it was crazy!! i hope drake's feeling better :)

Nene said...

I love reading your blog and I also have a 9 week old who just got vaccinated. I'm nervous about his reactions- I hope he does OK. I'm glad to know Drake is doing well, he is such a cutie :)