Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy Morning!

I took Drake to meet a group of ladies who have prayed for him for a long time. These ladies supported me throughout our infertility journey - through all of the treatments, our first pregnancy and miscarriage, and our pregnancy with Drake. I was really excited to be able to introduce him to God's miracle! They even prayed over him. :-) How special to hear others praying for your baby!

Jason's co-workers had a shower for us today! They were very excited to finally meet Drake. We had cake and got some wonderful gifts - clothes, swim outfit, disposable bibs/placemats, and Take or Toss containers.
Jason's co-worker made this cake...too cute!!

I certainly don't want to jinx myself, but I think we are progressing on the sleep. Drake has been sleeping 6-7.5 hours straight for the past five nights which means that he's only getting up once in the middle of the night! Great news for this momma since I'll be returning to work in just over a week (sniff, sniff). He's also been doing great at taking naps in his crib. I just swaddle him up, tell him I love him with a kiss, give him the paci and put him down. Sometimes he'll cry and I'll just put the paci back in, but then he usually goes to sleep.


Ashley said...

Yay for the sleep situation!!! We have regressed..I think it is a 3 month growth spurt...hopefully it ends soon;)

Flack Family said...

Yippee with the sleep!!! I can't WAIT until Lucy is sleeping through the night...I miss a full night's sleep!!! :)
That's awesome that Jason's work threw you guys a shower, how sweet!!
Good to chat w/ you the other day!!

Anonymous said...

yea, i'm so glad he's sleeping good for you!

Tonya said...

glad to hear he is sleeping good for you! Haha that is the same thing the person before me wrote!