Saturday, January 23, 2010

Final Baby Shower

My neighborhood girls hosted a wonderful shower last night for me and Baby P! When we were planning the date, I wasn't so sure I would even be there...but it all worked out. We had a wonderful dinner at Baxter's, awesome chocolate peanut butter cup cake from Coldstone Creamery, and great conversation. Oh, and Baby P was blessed with some cute clothes and a convertible carseat!!
Doesn't that look delicious??
Kelly, Julie, Sarie, Jenny, Tisha, me, Sue, Becky, Tiffany, and Mandee

After dinner, they each filled out a "Baby Profile" to guess the name, birth information, favorite foods, hobbies, and occupation. It was fun for them to try and guess his name, especially! If you're wondering, we're still not 100% set on the name...guess we'll wait to see when he arrives.

I'll update on the dresser in my next post. For now, I'm going to spend the rest of the day lounging with my feet propped up. :-)

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Alex and Jill said...

That cake looks YUMMY!!

You are almost there, girl. :)