Sunday, April 19, 2009

Birthday Celebration

I know...3 posts in one day...lots to catch up on! After we left Rockford on Friday night, we had to head to my parent's house for our regular birthday celebration. It is so hard to get together for each person's individual birthday that we now group them. So, in the spring we celebrate January, February, March and April birthdays.
my SIL Kelly holding Reid

Aunt Amber & Nicole

Aunt Amber & MitchellMichelle with Reid
Reid - 7 weeks old
We had awesome homemade pizza by my mom and an angel food cake with a frosting that my grandma used to make. Yes, my mom is using an electric knife to cut it! :-) It actually wasn't hard, but the frosting which was supposed to be a "sticky" frosting hardened so we weren't sure how it would cut with a regular knife. This actually worked out quite well!

The birthday people -- me, Nicole (14), dad, Michelle, Reid



Caroline said...

Hi Amber,
You have a beautiful family.
Thank you for all of your support -You have been a lifeline. Hugs to you.
Caroline x

Ashley said...

I LOVE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS WITH FAMILY!!! Love the pics...Happy late birthday honey!!!

Kristin said...

Reid is getting so big, what a cutie..Love Nicole's hair.