Sunday, August 10, 2008


Each year, Country gets a block of tickets for a Cubs-Cards game (usually at Wrigley Field) and this year was no different! Jason and a friend at work got 12 tickets for yesterday's game. Even though the Cubbies took a hard loss, we still managed to have a nice time in the city!

me & Becky at Slugger's

me & Janell at the game

After the game, we headed downtown to meet up with a few people who left the game early at Ditka's restaurant. Well, it just so happened that Mike Ditka was there!!! He was eating dinner with his wife and another couple, but I was hoping that he would finish before we left so we could get a picture...
We were told by another couple that whenever he is in town, he eats there and it's always at the same table...upstairs! So, if you ever go there be sure to look for him!


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