Friday, January 18, 2008

This has been such a great week!! I only went to work on Monday and Tuesday and that was pretty much to get some stuff done for Theatre Festival. Then, I was off Wednesday through today! Yeah! I spent each day doing some cleaning (and of course, getting a nap in on Thursday!) . It feels good to get the house all cleaned. Unfortunately, it won't stay this way long since I'll be back to work and busy on Tuesday (we're off on Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. day). We're not doing much tonight - just hanging out watching tv and playing on the computer. Tomorrow's the spa day with the neighborhood gals and then we have dinner plans with some friends. On Sunday, we'll go to church and then I'm taking my 'lil sister, Aireol, to her tumbling meet in Peoria. I'm looking forward to another day off on Monday. Karen is bringing Caden over for me to watch him all day...he's just over 6 months old now! I'll post updated pictures as soon as I get them.

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