Sunday, January 13, 2008

Theatre Is...Over! (the Festival at least)

Wow! So, I just calculated how many hours I worked this week...let's just say that it wasn't such a good idea! I figured up that it was 76.5 hours in 6 days, but it was a great Festival. For those who don't know what I am talking about, every other year ISU hosts the IL High School Theatre Festival (on the opposite years it's at U of I) and I have been working with a committe of 30+ high school teachers since January 2007 to plan this year's event which happened over the weekend. The committee was great - very young, with lots of great new ideas - but, I'm kind of glad it's over and I get to work on something else for a while. Besides, I only have about 12 months and then I'll be back at it!

Today was nice, but I was just exhausted from the week. Jason and I went to church this morning -didn't know we were going to get a lecture on sex, but that's what it turned into. Good sermon, but I was surprised. Then, we went to Applebee's to use my gift certificate from Christmas - the food took forever, but our server was great about it. We got groceries and then Amber took a three-hour nap until Amazing Race started (probably why I am still up at 10pm!). Next week is the season finale...I'm guessing Ron & Christine (a father/daughter team) will win.

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Carter Jonathan said...

Lecture on sex?? have quite the liberal church! I didn't know that preachers were giving advice on sex positions! On the 8th day God created Kama Sutra! LOL Hope the big guy knows I'm kiddin... ;)