Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fun Run!

Our local running club hosts a Fun Run for Kids on Friday evenings during the summer. We first heard about this years ago when some of our neighbor kids participated so when I saw information about it this year, I knew I wanted to try it out with Drake. Kids can do it basically as soon as they start walking (or running :-)). 

We went the very first night and Drake only ran a very short distance before he wanted Jason to carry him. Since it's been so hot we haven't gone, but Friday night was beautiful so headed over. Drake ran almost the whole way and had a lot of fun.

They run based on ages. The first group - 2 and under - goes first and they run half of the track. Then, the 3-year olds run one complete lap. And it continues on until all of the kids have gone.

You can get a t-shirt and they get a ribbon every time they run.  

All that running makes a boy thirsty! :-)

 It's a nice, cheap (only $1!) activity for us to do with him. Next Friday is the last one and trophy night! :-)

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