Monday, July 9, 2012

Circus Camp!

You may remember that I was in the Gamma Phi Circus in college. Or, if you don't remember...I was in the circus. ha! Each summer, they put on circus camps for kids starting at age 7. It's changed over the years from two 2-week camps to a combination of one-week camps, a two-week camp, a trapeze camp and for the first time this year camps for kids under age 7! There were two classes - one for 3/4 year olds (90 minutes for two days) or 5/6 year olds (1.5 hours for two days). Even though Drake isn't quite three, I really wanted him to attend. Thankfully, I know the director and he let him participate. ;-)

Drake had a blast and I'm sure we'll be doing it again next year. He is still talking about circus camp and the fun he had.

Day One -

Day Two -

The staff treated them with popsicles when it was over because it was SO hot in the gym each morning. My college friend (and fellow circus member) brought her son down for the camp, too!

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