Thursday, November 17, 2011

Still here...

I haven't posted much lately, and I guess it's just because there hasn't been a lot to say.

Drake is feeling MUCH better thank goodness. He continues to amaze us every day at the new things he learns. He is talking up a of the ladies in the nursery even commented on it last weekend. I'm trying to start planning his birthday party. Since his birthday is so early in Feburary, I always need the invitations done by Christmas so they can go out in early January. It was a big debate for me, but I think I'm going with Dr. Suess. Last year just seemed so much easier because I knew I wanted to do monkeys. This year I was debating between Hot Wheels, Mega Bloks, Elmo, etc. I think Dr. Suess won out because I just found so many cute ideas!!

This weekend is our last quiet one for a while. We have no plans which is AWESOME!

My next doctor's appointment is almost here! I go on Wednesday afternoon and can't wait. I got a doppler a few weeks ago but still haven't been able to find this little one's heartbeat. We didn't hear Drake's on the doppler until 16 weeks so I'm not really worried, but I sure want to know that he/she is growing right on schedule. I've just gained about 5 pounds which I think is pretty good. I gained 45 with Drake so hopefully this pregnancy will be a little less since I'm sure it won't come off as easily.

We're talking about what to do after the new baby is here at the end of May. Will I go back to work? Will I stay home? Try to find something part-time that fits with our schedule? I am just struggling with this right now. I know we've got some time and either way, it's going to be tough.

We're having Thanksgiving at our house this year. I have to work on Friday and Saturday so we didn't want to's just too much for one day. It should be a nice time with some of my family coming and Jason's immediate family coming over as well.

I'll update after our appointment next week!


sunflowerchilde said...

Glad to hear the pregnancy is going well, and I can't believe Drake is already going on 2! The work dilemma with two kids is tough, I agree, I'll be curious to see what you decide. Good luck at the appointment next week!

Karen said...

I am due April 25th and I am now 17 weeks pregnant. I had the same problem, issue, with that not finding the heartbeat on the dopplar until my 16 weeks appointment. This too happened with all 3 of my pregnancies. With my first, I wasn't worried, oddly enough. With my 2nd, I was in at 11 weeks, and the ultrasound room was open, so I got a fun sneak peak. With this one, I had my first trimester screening and saw the heartbeat, so no worries there. Best of luck!