Friday, September 3, 2010

7 Months!

Dear Drake,

Today is your seven month birthday! Your daddy and I are amazed at how much you have changed over the past month and love you more and more each day. We thank God for such a wonderful blessing daily.

You started fruits this month - apples, peaches, bananas, and prunes -- as well as your last stage 1 veggie - green beans. We have moved to stage 2 veggies, and we'll be moving to stage 2 fruits next week (after you try pears). The only thing you aren't a fan of so far are prunes, and momma doesn't blame you. You also started puffs this month and love them! Momma usually has to put them in your mouth, but you got one all by yourself yesterday! You also moved to your level 3 nipple this month! Right now, you eat cereal and fruit in the morning and cereal and a veggie in the evening with puffs. We haven't started lunch yet, but we'll probably do that soon.
About two weeks ago, we noticed your first tooth just below the skin. One bottom incisor poked through on the 21st and your second one poked through one week later! You have been a little more fussy during this time, but the biggest change is that you don't want to eat your bottle. I think we might finally be back to normal because you took 2-6 ounce bottles for Miss Alicia today. I've tried getting a picture of your little teeth, but you aren't letting me! :-)

We were giving you your cereal and fruit/veggie in the bumbo, but you've discovered that you can get your feet onto the table and move yourself. So, we pulled out the booster seat! You are doing great in it and even sat in the highchair at a restaurant tonight!No more paci! You were only using it when you went to sleep or were really tired, but just after you turned six months old, you quit taking it. Yeah!

This month, you have also learned how to sit up all by yourself!
Since you are sitting so well, we decided to try out sitting during bathtime! It has been quite an adjustment for momma, but it's working great now. You love it and don't want to get out of the bath when it's time to get ready for bed.
And, you are working on crawling!!! You had been moving around in circles on your belly trying to get toys for a while, but now you're doing an army craw. You can pull your knees under you so you are on all fours, too. I don't think it will be long before you are crawling with your belly off the floor.
You still LOVE to be standing. When we hold your hands, you'll even take a few steps forward. Daddy has already started the babyproofing!
You went to your first Cubs game this month. The weather was perfect, but unfortunately the Cubbies didn't pull out a win for you. You did a great job, too, considering the game was right in the middle of your naptime. We can't wait to take you to many more games!!

We took our first solo road trip to Wisconsin. Daddy was in Joliet at the races with grandpa, so we headed north to Carter's birthday party. You did a great job riding in the car and enjoyed the time visiting friends.

You're in size 2 diapers and size 6 months clothes. We'll be moving to size 9 months clothes really soon though. I think you have a long torso just like your momma.
Happy 7 month birthday, Drake!! I love you!



Ashley said...

Love the pics! Drake is growing so fast...time is flying by!! He and Kenzie will be 1 before we know it!!

Rob & Lindsey said...

He is so adorable!

Jill said...

Happy 7 months Drake!! Time is flying!!! You are so adorable and precious! I love seeing your smile and watching you grow!