Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We just got back from a wonderfully relaxing weekend in Arizona! When we moved into our house six years ago, we met a family that we just loved spending time with. They have since moved to Colorado and now Arizona for work. Jason and I made the trip to Colorado twice -- BEAUTIFUL state, I might add! And, this weekend Drake was able to make the trip with us to Arizona.
Drake did pretty well on the flights. We only got one dirty look on the way out. :-) The hardest part was the fact that he is not used to sleeping on us which meant that he only slept for 20-30 minutes during each flight. We fed him his bottle on each take off and gave him water on the landings. He was really tired on the way home since we had to get him up about 2 hours before he normally would topped with not getting a real nap. Let's just say he was ready to get out of that plane!
We had the most perfect weather! It was in the 70's when we got up each morning and then in the upper 90's later in the day. But, it didn't feel too hot out at all. Drake enjoyed his breakfast and dinner outside.
He liked playing bocce ball,
taking a dip in the pool,
playing with his toys, and meeting friends!

Emily just loved on Drake all weekend! She even watched him while we went out to dinner on the last night.
Bill offered Drake a freeze pop (it wasn't open), but Drake wasn't too excited about it.
Sitting on Bill's Harley Davidson Road King
Bill, Mary Beth, me, & Jason at Texas Roadhouse
In front of their house...SO nice!
Drake had such a great weekend that he just wanted to sleep when we got home! He actually slept in the car ride home (about 45 minutes) and then took almost a 3.5 hour nap!

We can't wait to go visit again.

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