Wednesday, August 4, 2010

6 Month Dr. Appointment

Today was Drake's 6 month well baby visit! We saw the nurse practitioner again because we couldn't get in to his normal pediatrician.

Drake's stats:
Weight - 15lbs 5oz (15th percentile) --- gained 2lbs 11.5 ounces
Length - 26.5 inches (50th percentile) - grew 2.25 inches
Head Circumference - 17.1 inches (50th percentile)
The NP said he was meeting all the developmental milestones, and that he should definitely be on three meals a day by his 9-month appointment. (He's getting 2 meals a day right now.) She also told us what we should be seeing in the next couple months - crawling, scooting around furniture, eating some table foods, and teeth!

He had one oral vaccine and three shots again this time. It took us a while to calm him down afterwards since it wasn't time for a bottle, but now he's taking a nice long nap. :-)

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Ashley said...

6th months! Wow!! Drake and Kins are the same Length but she weighs 1 pound more;) Ha! We were told to go to three meals too...not looking forward to it;)