Monday, February 16, 2009


I know I skipped to the real important stuff, but I wanted to update on the rest of our weekend, too! Friday night, I had my girls "bunco" night only this month we made cards. Thanks to my great friend, Sarie, for taking the time to get everything together and come up with the ideas for us!
Becky, Sarie, Leann, and Kelly
Lisa, me, Val
Saturday was our pre-op appointment in Urbana and then we came back to get ready for our Valentine's Day dinner with friends! We went to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse...if you have never been to a Japanese Steakhouse, I highly recommend it! Not only was the food great, but the atmosphere was a ton of fun, too!

Jason and Heather

Jim and Heather
me and J
our cook

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Alex and Jill said...

We LOVE Kobe! I always get the melts in your mouth!

Looks like a great weekend!