Saturday, January 10, 2009


Every month the neighborhood girls have been getting together to play Bunco. Well, it started out as Bunco, but has turned into some great girl time! Last time we were together, we did the jewelry making which was tons of fun. The next suggestion was to pain that was our bunco night last night. I had never done this before so the hardest part was coming up with what I was going to do. Since I'm not much of a knick-knack person and my kitchen cupboards are filled to the brim with dishes, the first thing that came to mind was to make a gift for my nephew who will be born in March. I don't have any pictures of my project (because obviously that would give away the gift!), but here's a few of the other girls:

Sarie getting started on her Birthday Plate...she made a plate that the family each get to use when it's their birthday. I thought this was a great tradition and something the kids would remember forever! I plan on doing one once we have kids.

Tisha painted a flower pot for her mom and Heather painted dessert bowls for each person in the family.

Kelly painting her mini sun dial. She has such tiny pieces to paint...I don't know if I would have had the patience for that one!

Julie painting her red dress for her bathroom.

Becky and Lisa (no picture) painted these plates that will be displayed with their last name on them.

The store glazes and seals the pieces and then we pick them up in a week. I'll be excited to see how they turn out!!



Tonya said...

How fun we have a place like that by us called Color Me Mine.

Alex and Jill said...

I love painting pottery!! I go to The FireFly Studio here in Little's so much fun.

Can't wait to see your gift to your nephew. :)

Rog & Heather said...

I think Heidi made a tray for us at this place. The stuff she's made there turns out really cool!

Sarah said...

i have a bunko group too, but we pretty much usually just drink ;) i saw you on cyclesista and just wanted to wish you luck.

Angela said...

Hi Amber,

I came across your blog on CycleSistas. I will also be going through my first IVF. My baseline appt is next Thursday. We seem to have a few things in common. Thank you for sharing your journey. Good Luck!

The Patterson's said...

Good luck, Angela! I'd love to follow your journey.