Monday, January 19, 2009

3-day weekend!

On Friday night, I picked up my little sister right after work for a sleepover! We went to dinner with some friends at Monical's and then went to a friends house. She had a great time meeting a new friend! Saturday morning, we had breakfast casserole and hung out until I dropped her off. I went to a baby shower for a girl in my Thursday morning bible study then came home and lounged the rest of the night. After church on Sunday, we had friends over for dinner. We watched part of the football game and then played Guitar Hero World Tour. I've been off work today for MLK day!! I spent my day hanging with the quads and then visiting a high school friend who just had her little boy a week and a half ago. I'll be watching The Bachelor tonight ... who will go home??? Then, it's back to work tomorrow.



Faith said...

Hope you've enjoyed your time off! We will see re the Bachelor, ha ha. Here from Cyclesista.

Bush Family said...

See you in the morning, can't wait to hear more about your weekend.

Alex and Jill said...

I always forget about the Bachelor. I always get so embarrassed for those girls! LOL

Have a great week, girl!