Friday, October 24, 2008

Poor Puppy!!

This all started back a couple months ago when Jason took Kahlua to the vet for her regular annual check-up. She had been limping around a little bit so the vet looked at her legs and told us it appeared the ACL was giving her some trouble. He prescribed an anti-inflammatory and pain pill for her which seemed to help, but two months later she wasn't using that leg at all. Back to the vet we go (and another $130 later), this time we are told that she has ruptured her ACL and that it would require surgery to repair it. Why does it seem that when you think things are just where you want them to be financially, you get hit with a $970 vet bill?!?!? Well, we wouldn't let Kahlua continue to hop around on three legs so she had the surgery yesterday. Here's a few pictures of her and how she spent the entire night last night.She has to wear this cone if we aren't home or when we are sleeping so that she doesn't lick or claw open her incision. Jason will be starting the physical therapy with her today. Who knows how that will go! She hasn't bent that leg at all yet. They say the recovery time is up to three months.


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Alex and Jill said...

Bless her heart! Our puppy was on bedrest for 3 was so hard to keep him still for that long. I'm really contemplating getting health insurance for him as well...people laugh at me when I say that but when you have to take them in for something like costs a fortune!

Hope she feels better soon.