Sunday, October 26, 2008

Birthday weekend!

I've probably mentioned before, but our family celebrates birthdays three times each year ... this weekend was our fall gathering celebrating Chad, Kelly, Mitchell & Jarrod's birthdays. The girls went to a pick your own apples place while the guys hung out at home. When we got back Nicole & Mitchell carved their pumpkins, we had dinner, and watched Mitchell open his presents!

Mom and I helping Nicole reach some yummy apples!!

Nicole pulling our goodies to the car!

These two pumpkins are what you get when you don't mark out your pumpkin!!

Playing Cosmic Catch
Mitchell practicing with his new Heeley's!
The birthday people -- Jarrod & Chad (back), Mitchell & Kelly (front)



Alex and Jill said...

Fun times! Great pics...thanks for sharing! :)

Maegen said...

It was nice to finally meet you this weekend. Hope you had an uneventful ride home! :) How's the puppy? Poor thing!