Sunday, May 18, 2008

Whew...Busy weekend!

I worked late on Friday and all day Saturday for the IL Young Authors conference. It went quite well. When I got home Saturday, I decided to go down to the Michaels household to give them a copy of the article that was in the Pantagraph last weekend. They didn't have any guests so I was able to stay for a while. It was so much fun to see Tiffany, Jon, and the babies! I even got to hold all three of them! They let me stick around long enough that I was actually there for the next feeding and got to feed Maggie! They are all getting so big. What a change in Reese from the first time I saw her (when she was the only one home and weighed 4 pounds)! Tiffany and Jon are so patient with these three babies, I can see how their days just fly by. We're all praying for the day that Lauren comes home and joins her brother & sisters!! After that visit, Jason and I went out to Karen's for a quick trip. Everytime we see Caden, he is moving around more and more! He's not into crawling yet, but he will roll wherever he needs to go. He'll walk with you if you are in front of him and hold his hands. He has such strong legs!

We went to church this morning and now I'm getting ready to start running a bunch of errands...tanning, tumbling meet for the little sister, graduation party, dropping off a baby shower gift, etc... Hopefully I'll get everything done!

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