Wednesday, May 14, 2008

7 Random Things!

Tonya tagged me for "7 random things about myself" almost a month ago, and I am finally getting around to putting this together! I had no idea what to put, so hope you'll find it enjoying! For those of you who know me, you probably won't be suprised by these!

1. I am obsessed about saving money!! Every time Jason and I get a raise, I automatically put it in our savings account. Even with the economic stimulus package, I want to put it in savings. Now, it's not because I don't like to spend money to get new things or travel, but I like to feel secure if something were to ever happen to one of us or our jobs.

2. I LOVE to travel! My goal before my time is up on earth is to travel to all 50 states! I'm doing pretty good...there are only 16 left. And, I plan to visit two of them next year - Nebraska (We have friends moving there.) and Massachusetts (I have a conference in Boston.)! Life wouldn't be the same if we couldn't go on a vacation every year! I'm especially getting used to being away from work for 2 weeks! Those are the best trips!

3. I LOVE babies!!! They are so innocent and cuddly when they are little. I like to hold all babies, doesn't matter if I know them well or not! Just ask my husband - he found me holding my sister's husband's cousin's baby (if you can follow that!) at their rehearsal. Now, I had met him once before (the cousin), but I didn't know the wife. Guess this is also why I volunteer in the nursery at church (even though I don't get to hold babies (I'm with the 2 year olds - they like to be held sometimes, too!)...maybe one day I will!).

4. I can scrapbook for a whole weekend and not think anything of it! My mom got me into this (along with my sister and sister-in-law). We take lots of pictures - always have a camera in my hand (my husband loves this!) - so we've got to do something with the pictures.

5. I'm a big "sister". Yes, those of you who know me personally know that I have a younger biological sister, but I also volunteer with Big Brothers/Big Sisters. My little sister is 10 years old and is on the tumbling team (what a great fit!). We have been matched since June last year. I always knew I wanted to do this. My mom's friend, Dovie, and her husband were matched with two boys when I was younger, and I thought it was the neatest thing. What a great way to give back to the community. They just love spending time with you!

6. My 5-year wedding anniversary is coming up in just over two weeks!! The time has gone so quickly! I can't believe it's been that long already.

7. We have GREAT neighbors!! I can't say enough about the neighborhood we live in and the people that surround us. They are great friends for life! (Can you tell I had no clue what to put? The last two are pretty short.)

Now, I am supposed to tag 7, I tag Melissa, Heather, Jackie, Nicole, Jill, Katie, and Tiffany (if you have time). Have fun ladies!!


Tonya said...

Yay that was fun getting to know you a little better :)

Rog & Heather said...

So i just read this ... and I will get around coming up with my seven!