Sunday, February 3, 2008


Here's the post I tried to put up on the 28th which was last Sunday...

There isn't too much in the way of exciting news, therefore, the lack of posts. The weekend was good - I went to a neighbor gals for a wine tasting on Friday night and then on Saturday, I met my friend, Terri, in Peoria to get my dress for her wedding. We found a pair of shoes for me and some other stuff to get her going on wedding planning. Pretty much just hung out Saturday night and Sunday.

I'll be in Peoria on Thursday and Friday for a conference and Jason's at the Bloomington Prairie Thunder hockey game with a friend tonight. We also have a benefit to go to on Saturday night (for the Michaels family) and then a Super Bowl party here on Sunday. I'll be sure to get some pictures this weekend to post!

Now on to current "stuff":
After a massive snowstorm on Thursday night, ISU, Country, and State Farm all closed on Friday. But, since I was already in Peoria working, we continued as usual. The good news was that I was home by 1pm and didn't have to worry about going in to work. I think they said we ended up with 10" of snow!
We didn't do much of anything on Friday night and last night we went to our neighbors benefit. What a great time! There was a great turnout - hopefully they raised lots of money for them! We met another neighbor there, too! Chris and Julie live on the opposite side of Tiff and Jon so it was nice to meet some more Butterfly folks there. Here's a few pictures:
This is just one room at Entourage filled with people!

The dad to be giving a very nice speech. You can tell he is so proud of and inspired by Tiffany and her upbeat attitude while on hospital bedrest!
Do you think he's ready for his FOUR that will be arriving in the next couple months?!
And, I'll leave you with a picture of Jason and I!
Tonight's the big Super Bowl party so I'll have another post for you tomorrow!

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